Tim Sepielli
Project Management


Tim Sepielli

In our business, knowledge can only come from experience. Tim is among the most experienced project managers out there. In his long career, he has worn many hats – hard hats, cowboy hats, chef hats, and the kind of hats one wears around explosives. 
With a rich history in entertainment design and construction, Tim has built attractions and theaters, restaurants and night clubs, pyrotechnic displays and showcases across North America and Japan. He is a tremendous asset to any project, given his ability to solve complex problems, reduce costs, and increase productivity.  What’s more, Tim is a relationship builder, bringing together the many, disparate parties to get the job done – artists and architects, contractors and craftsmen, governments and local officials.
He managed the construction of a string of House of Blues and Sega GameWorks attractions, entertainment venues at Casino Windsor and Thunder Valley, and the start-up of the Porta-Europa theme park in Wakayama, Japan. Along the way, he’s been associated with a number of companies including Idletime Networks, World Wide Projects, Chimaera Creative Consortium and Universal Studios Florida and Hollywood.