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Joel House

The one thing you need to know about Joel is this: He will not give up. His projects are complex undertakings with myriad details, detours and deadlines. But no dead ends. That comes from experience and his wealth of insights into the worlds of entertainment and project management.   
Most recently, Joel was a partner at Idletime Network where he oversaw the construction of six House of Blues and The National Museum of Crime and Punishment in Washington, DC.   In his 30+ years in the business, Joel has also held leadership roles with Universal Studios, Sega GameWorks, Silver Legacy Hotel & Casino, La Costa Hotel & Spa, De Laurentis Film Studios, Worldwide Projects Unlimited and other companies involved in video technology, live special effects and pyrotechnics. 
It is Joel’s blend of common sense, resourceful thinking and uncompromising spirit that drives his projects to successful and satisfying completion.